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‘Do one thing and do it well.’ That’s our philosophy, and so we make only brownies & we make them extraordinarily well. So well in fact, that they are most-likely to be the best brownies that you will ever taste.

Rest assured, I ♥ brownies aren’t a big corporation; we don’t have a factory, rows and rows of conveyer belts churning out identical products or use computer-operated machinery. Instead, every single brownie is hand-made in our commercial kitchen.

The I ♥ brownies are made with the freshest ingredients possible and are proudly artificial flavour and preservative free. Really!

We have no qualms in claiming I ♥ brownies to be, hands-down, the best in the State (and maybe even the world)! Don’t just take our word for it though, read what some local brownie aficionados have had to say >>

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Did you know…?

You can now get your favourite brownies at selected markets in Brisbane?
Check out our stockists page for more information.

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